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School Uniforms

So, I am now a veteran of the Street photo festival circuit. You would think I would catch on quicker but I’m slow learning obviously, hence my frequent fashion faux pas.

You gotta wear your camera, dummy. It’s not for pictures, it’s for cred. Leica on top (no red dot topper), Fuji (square hood please), old school film (maybe) are the only acceptable wear. A few mopes trudge in with a Nikon or Canon, we know what’s up with that.

And please, don’t get me worked up about straps. Saw a Siberian photog with a fake Fendi strap and a real Gucci bag. Whoa.

Whatever you do, make sure you wear your outfit at all times. Plenty of iPhone I-was-there pics provide the oppo to hold it just so across your chest. Now we’re talking style.

Andy Kochanowski